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Sale and delivery conditions


are in euros, including VAT (currently 19%) and free delivery in Germany (mainland) with our own vehicle and including the delivery charge of EUR 0.50 per bottle. Please note that only certain areas will be delivered by ourselves. Empty bottles will be reversed without any costs. For service by mail, parcel or shipping (in Germany) we have a surcharge (see Informations). The surcharge in case of a post-broadcast because of our failure will not be calculated. The calculations are based on the prices on date of order. With the distribution of a new price list are all the foregoing price lists invalid.

Crystallization of winestone * has natural causes and is therefore no reason for complaint.


is always on recipient's bill. Any damages (e.g. fracture) are immediately to complain. Notification of defects must be made within 8 days after receiving the goods. Delivery with our vehicle happens only by appointment. Minimum order is 1 carton wine for each variety (not required for wines that cost more than EUR 8,- per bottle). The unit is 6 bottles / carton wine.

Minimum order value is: € 60,-
With an order value of more than € 600,- is the delivery carriage free.


must be made to net cash, without any deductions, after receiving the goods. Until full payment, the goods remain our property. Arrears fee is 5,- €.


for all obligations of the buyer is 67489 Kirrweiler / Pfalz.


is Landau in der Pfalz.

*winestone is a combination of minerals (including potassium and calcium) and of the noble wine acidity. Wine acidity is an indication of a special maturity. Not without reason deposition exists, if something exists in excess (so-called supersaturated solution). If you take some crystals in the mouth, you can feel the right mixture of sour (wine acidity) and salty (mineral) on the tongue - and not sweet from the origin of sugar as some suggest.
Source: Wine Tasting-Kompendium Schumann, Jacob, Adams 1989